A next-generation wealth platform

As a progressive wealth owner you need a wealth platform that’s ahead of its time and elevates your strategy rather than constrains it.

Could you achieve a higher return if you could get more insight from your data?

Analyze your wealth from all angles with advanced features and drill down to transaction level to illuminate every nook and corner of your wealth.

Still settling for error-prone spreadsheets and outdated portfolio systems?

Stop worrying about inaccurate data and get an innovative wealth platform that allows you to execute your strategy to perfection and navigate an increasingly complex environment with confidence.

Tired of manually processing private-equity statements every month?

With private-equity reporting from a highly specialized partner, you can concentrate on evaluating your investments instead of spending time on the manual processing of statements.

Gone are the struggles with capturing and consolidating data. Get an innovative wealth platform that allows you to leverage the full value of your data.

Preserve and grow wealth with confidence.

Get a platform that closes the gap between data and insight by transforming complexity into simplicity.

Aleta is more than a secure data aggregation platform. It’s a forward-looking platform that challenges the world of wealth management.

The “price” of private equity

You’re sitting at your desk, tapping away on your keyboard – busy day as always. Then, yet another statement from one of the private-equity funds in your portfolio arrives in your inbox. Your deadline is getting closer, so you go for a big cup of coffee as you prepare to start processing them. Downloading, renaming, formatting, storing, extracting, notifying, etc.

Once a month, this is the reality in most family offices as private-equity investments have become a substantial component of their portfolios. Imagine not having to go through this time-consuming and repetitive process every month.

Making money while doing good

One sustainability-related law after the other is being adopted across the world. All with the end goal of reaching Net Zero in order to keep the average global temperature increase to a minimum.

These laws will affect how companies are doing business, and thus, investors are becoming aware that we are looking into a future where return and impact are increasingly intertwined. This is already reflected in the portfolios of family offices who allocate more and more to sustainable investments.

Modern wealth platforms must support this development by adopting a broader understanding of wealth and include ESG metrics in their reporting.

Start looking beyond the bottom line today.

A next-generation wealth platform for progressive wealth owners

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