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Aleta is the antidote to inefficient wealth management

With our next-generation wealth platform we're not just another player; we're a game-changer, empowering you to seize control, turbocharge productivity, and drive exceptional outcomes.

Beyond the bottom line

As we approach the great wealth transfer from one generation to the next during the coming decade, the world of wealth management is changing, and the view on wealth is becoming more holistic.

Traditionally, the prevailing belief in the financial world was that investors had to make a trade-off between return and impact – profit and purpose.

But the next generation will not be satisfied with profit alone. They care about the impact of their investments and want to know how they affect the world around them.

We support that transformation. Aleta challenges the conventional notion of wealth reporting and measures more than returns, so you can meet the needs of the next generation.


We convey insight

We transform complex data into clear and crisp reports to ensure that you have the full overview of your clients' entire investment universe – at all times.


We drive change

With a next-generation platform, we want to challenge the current wealth reporting landscape and accelerate the holistic wealth revolution.


We inspire impact

Profit is fundamental. But we give you the tools to craft a long-term wealth strategy that goes beyond the bottom line.

Aleta is where AI meets
intuitive design.

We fight for.

.A holistic look on wealth

Multiple custodian banks, currencies and data sources. Assets spread all over the world. That’s the reality for most wealth managers. With Aleta, that’s not an issue. You get a holistic overview of the entire wealth universe of your clients.

.The love for data

Data is the foundation of well-informed decisions, and wealth reporting is an essential part of every wealth manager's infrastructure. Therefore, providing accurate data is an entrusted task that we do not take lightly.

.More simplicity

Being responsible of wealth is stressful, and data insights are crucial to make the right decisions. With AI-powered analytics Aleta turns complexity into insights.

.More transparency

Let’s be honest. Data can be manipulated, and some might be selective about the data to fit their own agenda. In Aleta you’ll have access to all the necessary data – good and bad – so you can form your own opinion.

Beyond the bottom line.

Aleta – a next-generation wealth platform.

An accurate consolidated overview of your entire wealth

Gone are the struggles with rigid portfolio systems and error-prone spreadsheets. With Aleta, you get a fully consolidated overview of the entire wealth through intuitive reports, AI-powered analytics, and dynamic visualizations – all the while embracing a more efficient organization and reducing key-man risk with ease.

And alternative investments are no exception

With more than 15 years of experience within wealth management reporting, Aleta has gained unparalleled insights into the unique needs and preferences of wealth owners. One of the key requirements we understand well is hassle-free reporting on alternative investments, including private equity, real estate and passion investments. With Aleta, you can include all types of non-listed assets into your comprehensive overview.

We measure more than returns

We are passionate about integrating impact into the core of financial decision-making. While profit and return metrics are widely available, we stand out as pioneers as we are devoted to include more than just financial return measures.


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